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Answers to Your Questions

Why should I Work With You?

Each week I am contacted by at least 30 companies who are looking for brand sponsorship or an influencer partnership.

Also we have a promotion that companies can message 3 bloggers for free which means you will be getting a lot of proposals from brands who want to first try the service for free.

Will I work directly with the brand?

When the client receives a list of proposals from the influencers and decides to work with you, they will contact you directly by email.

How much money can I expect to make?

It depends a lot on your social media following. For example, one Youtube blogger with 9 million views got $5000 for a 10 minute product review.

Blogger websites with at least at DA of 50 can expect about $500 per blog post. Some bloggers are happy to get free products in exchange for doing photos of the product for their Instagram or Facebook pages.

What information do you need from me?

We only need a form to be filled out that gives us an overview of the social media platforms you are active on and the number of followers.

Some Great Bloggers!

I’ve brought profitable business to my influencers and bloggers in various sectors ranging from children products to luxury watch items.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Cedrick. He is very professional, attentive and top-level communication.


Popular Blogger

As a blogger, I often work in partnership with companies, but that does not always work well.
I collaborated with Cedrick on a company he had recommended to me, everything went like clockwork! It was a pleasure to interact with him efficiently, transparently and without any waste of time!


Popular Blogger

Cedrick contacted me to collaborate on a sponsored copywriting and publishing project for one of his luxury watch clients. I appreciated our collaboration and I am therefore open to other projects in the future.

Valérian Lohéac


I collaborated with Cedrick, I appreciated his positive attitude and his SEO skills.

Jérémie Politi


Thanks to Cédrick, I have been able to work with interesting sites and brands in line with my tastes and values, which has allowed me to have other opportunities to collaborate. will work together again soon.


Instagram Influencer


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